What Ever You Mix

Whatever You Mix…in the lab or in the plant…Jiffy Mixer does a better, faster, more thorough job, especially with “tough to mix” viscous materials!



Adhesives Foods Polyester Gelcoats
Blacktop Sealer Foams
Potting Compounds
Block Fillers Glues Printing Inks
Cement High-Viscosity Liquids Putty
Ceramics Latex Masking Compounds Refractory Materials
Chemicals Lime Resins
Clays Mortar Rubber Mastic
Coal Tar
Salad Dressing Base
Coatings Paint
Sheetrock Mud
Detergents Pharmaceuticals Silica Mixes
Drywall Mud Pigment Colors Slurry
Epoxies Plaster
Fireproofing Emusions
Waterproofing Materials
Zinc-Rich Materials